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overview worldwide anti-war protest
by lize & jessie Sunday February 16, 2003 at 03:53 AM

15 februari 2003 : worldwide manifestations aganist the war in Iraq


In 607 cities around the world, in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, Latin America and Oceania 15 february will be a historical day in the world history. Never before so many people came out on the street to oppose against the threat of war.


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10 Million Join World Protest Rallies From Africa to Antarctica, People Prepare to March for Peace by John Vidal, Guardian/UK

Direct actions

Patria industries head-office occupied in Helsinki by antisovereigntist

Action directe contre la guerre en Irlande

Anarchists in the scottisch parliament! by Glasgow Anarchists

Direct Action Against War



Cairo [Egypt] : 2.000


Capetown [South Africa] : 5.000

[IMC South Africa]

Johannesburg [South Africa] : 10.000

Durban [South Africa] : 3.000

[IMC South Africa]

Africa : [other cities involved]

Asia/Middle East



Hong Kong [China] : 1.000

Greenpeace Hong Kong organizes a march on the American consulate.


Dili [East Timor] : 150


Calcutta : 10.000

New Delhi : 200


Jakarta [Indonesia] : 100.000

100.000 Demonstrate in Jakarta by AP and REUTERS

[IMC Jakarta]


Tel Aviv [Israel] : 1.500

[IMC Israel]


Baghdad [Iraq] 1.000.000
Demonstration in front of the offices of the UN, asking the UN inspectors to give in to the pressure of the US. The manifestation is organized by the Italian organization "un ponte per Baghdad" and the American organization "Voices in the wilderness". Many international volonteers and delegations are participating, including a japanese delegation that organizes a peace concert.

Babylon [Iraq]


Tokyo [Japan] 6.000

A manifestation and a peace parade with performances in Miyashita Park

Thousands rally in Tokyo against war in Iraq by AP World - General News
25.000 Rally in Japan for Peace (english) by Peacenik


Amman : 5.000


Beyrut : 10.000


Kuala Lumpur [Malaysia] : 2.000


Karachi : 300

Lahore [picture] : hundreds of people

Rawalpindi [picture] : 1.000


Ramallah : 700

(Palestine) : 15.000

[IMC Palestine]


Manila [Philippines] 10.000

Anti-war protests in Manila by Bert De Belder
Manila anti-war rally 2 by Bert De Belder


Damascus : 200.000


Seoul : 10.000

protesters at the US embassady


Taipei [Taiwan] : 300

F15 Anti-war March in Taiwan Taipei city (english) by Taiwan aboriginal workteam


Bangkok : 3.000
Tappani : 10.000

Asia/Middle East : [other cities involved]


Austria wants to stay neutral and doesn't want to permit the passing of American troops from Germany to military bases in Italy.

Vienna [Austria] : 20.000-30.000

[IMC Austria]


Bruxelles [Belgium] : 100.000
[Anti Oorlogsplatform Irak]

[IMC Belgium]

As a member of the security council Bulgary supports the Us. Together with Spain and the UK the 'war block' is now composed of 4 votes out of 9 to let a 'war resolution pass'.

Sofia [Bulgaria] : 2.000


Zagreb : 10.000
Rest of Croatia : 4.000


Prague [Czech Republic] : 1.000

[IMC Prague]


Copenhagen [Denmark] : 35.000 - 40.000



Helsinki [Finland] : 15.000

Tampere : 1.000-2.000
Turku : 5.000

[IMC Finland]

France and Germany are supporting a 'diplomatical solution' for the crisis in Irak. France has a right of veto in the UN security council that enables them to block the voting of a war resolution. France however doesn't exclude the use of violence, but only as a 'last means'. France proposes a new deadline for the inspections : 14th of March.

Paris [France] : 800.000 National manifestation demanding the use of France's veto right in the security council.

Manifestation contre la guerre à Paris

Montpellier : 15.000 - 20.000
: 20.000
Rest of France

[IMC Paris] [IMC Lille] [IMC Nice]

Germany is following the same diplomatical line as France, but doesn't has a right of veto in the security council.

Berlin [Germany] : 500.000

: 30.000
Stuttgart : 50.000
Dortmund : 6.000

[IMC Germany]


Athens [Greece] : 200.000

Rest of Greece :

Thessaloniki: 40.000 Patras: 3.500 Volos: 3.000 Iraklio: 4.000 Rethimno: 2.000 Rhodes: 2.000

[IMC Athens]


Budapest [Hungary] : 20.000

[IMC Hungary]


Reykjavik [Iceland]


Dublin [Ireland] : 150.000

[IMC Ireland]

Italy is a 'silent' ally of the US. Bush asked Berlusconi for the use of military bases in Italy and for humanitarian aid for the war victims in Irak. But this still has to be voted in the parliament.

Roma [Italy] : 3.000.000
[pictures 1 | 2]

[global tv]
[global radio]
[IMC Italy]


Talinn : 60


Luxembourg [Luxembourg] : 15.000 - 20.000


La Valletta[Malta] : 400


Amsterdam [Netherlands] : 100.000

[IMC Netherlands]


Oslo [Norway] : 60.000

Rest of Norway :
Trondheim : 11.000 Bergen : 8.000 Lillehammer : 1.200 Stavanger : 5.000 Tromsö : 3.000

[IMC Norway]


Warszawa [Polonia] : 2.000

[IMC Poland]


Lisbon[Portugal] : 100.000

Porto[Portugal] : 5.000

[IMC Portugal]


Kiev [White Russia] : 2.000

Moscou : [Russia] : 400

[IMC Russia]

Belgrado : 200


Ljubljana [Slovenia]

SPAIN : 6.935.400

Barcelona [Spain] : 2.000.000

[IMC Barcelona]

Madrid [Spain] : 2.000.000

Breve crónica de la megamanifestación contra la guerra en Madrid

[foro sociale Madrid]

[IMC Madrid]

Rest of Spain :
Lerida 20.000 Gerona 30.000 Tarragona 20.000 Tortosa 600 Total Catalunya 2.070.600
Sevilla 250.000 Granada 150.000 Cádiz 70.000 Cordoba 75.000 Malaga 70.000 Almería 15.000 Jaen 20.000 Huelva 20.000 Algeciras 15.000 Lepe 300 Motril 5.000 Total Andalucía 690.300
Zaragoza 400.000 Teruel 2.000 Huesca 5.000 Total Aragon 407.000
Valencia 500.000 Alicante 60.000 Castellon 25.000 Elche 20.000 Total Valencia 605.000
Murcia 60.000
Tenerife 60.000 Las palmas 100.000 Total Canarias 160.000
Oviedo 200.000
San Sebastian 16.000 Bilbao 160.000 Alava 18.000 Total Euskadi 194.000
Pamplona 20.000
La Coruña 16.000 Vigo 100.000 Pontevedra 40.000 Lugo 12.000 Santiago 16.000 Ferrol 15.000 Total Galicia 199.000
Albacete 30.000 Ciudad Real 75.000 Total Castilla la Mancha 105.000
Avila 5.000 Burgos 16.000 Miranda de Ebro 4.500 Salamanca 40.000 Valladolid 15.000 Palencia 5.000 Soria 4.000 Segovia 15.000 Total Castilla 100.000
Badajoz 3.500
Ceuta 500 Melilla 5.000 Plazas Coloniales 5.500 Ibiza 3.000 Mallorca 30.000 Menorca 8.000 Total Illes Balears 41.000
Ponferrada 15.000 Zamora 20.000 Total Leon 35.000
Santander 35.000


Stockholm [Sweden] : 25.000

Göteborg : 20.000-30.000
Malmö : 5.000

[IMC Sweden]


Bern [Switzerland] : 40.000

[IMC Switzerland]

The strategical located Turkey asks the US billions of dollars to grant their territory for the stationing of American military troops. As a member of the NATO Turkey asks protection agains an eventual attack from Irak. Germany, France and Belgium do not agree upon such a NATO decision.

Istanbul [Turkey] : 5.000 [pictures]
Despite the repression and the limitation of civil rights a manifestation was held in Istanbul against the logistical function of Turkey in the war against Irak.

Istanbul-Kadikoy: Anarchists in action against war by Özgür Hayat

Ankara [picture]

[IMC Istanbul]


Londen [England] : 1.750.000


Belfast [ Northern Ireland] : 8.000

Glasgow [Scotland] : 61.000

Glasgow Anti War rally banned by @-scot

[IMC Scotland]

Europe : [ohter cities involved]

Latin America & the Caribbean

Buenos Aires : 15.000

[IMC Argentina]


Sao Paulo (Brasil) : 30.000
A big manifestation in Sao Paulo, different action in the different states of Brazil:
Alagoas: Maceió; Bahia: Salvador;Ceará: Fortaleza; Distrito Federal: Brasília; Goiás: Goiânia; Minas Gerais: Belo Horizonte; Paraná : Curitiba; Rio de Janeiro: Rio de Janeiro; Rio Grande do Norte: Natal; Rio Grande do Sul: Caxias do Sul, Porto Alegre, Santa Maria; Pelotas; Santa Catarina: Blumenau, Florianópolis

[IMC Brasil]

Rio de Janeiro : 15.000

[IMC Brasil]


Santiago [Chile] : 3.000
4 different manifestations in Santiago de Chili : on from the social forum, the communists, the anarchists and attac

[IMC Chile]


Quito [ Ecuador] : 150

[IMC Ecuador]


Mexico City [Mexico] : 10.000 - 15.000
Rally on the American embassy.
Rest of Mexico : actions in Tijuana, Monterrey, Ciuad Juarez Chihuahua, Mérida, Cancun, Puebla, Guadalajara en bij de piramides van Teotihuacan en andere gemeenten in de staten van Mexico, Morelia, Cuernavaca Tepoztlán, Cuautla, Taxco, Acapulco, Zihuatanejo, Hermosillo, Torreón y SLP

[IMC Mexico]


Lima [ Peru]

[IMC Peru]


[ Uruguay
] : 50.000

[IMC Uruguay]

Latin America & the Caribbean : [ohter cities involved]

USA and Canada


Calgary [Canada] : 4.000

Edmonton [Canada] : 10.000

[IMC Alberta]

Montreal [Canada] : 150.000

[IMC Montreal]

Ottawa [Canada] : 6.000

[IMC Ottawa]

Toronto [Canada] : 10.000

[IMC Ontario]

Vancouver [Canada] : 30.000

[IMC Vancouver]


Chicago [USA] : 5.000

[IMC Chicago]

Colorado Springs (USA) : 2.000

[IMC Rocky Mountain]

direct action in barcelona
by someone Sunday February 16, 2003 at 04:55 PM

a building belonging to the city and that is not used was taken in the center of the city yesterday about 19.00h agaisnt war. there had been workshops yesterday and today sunday. the building is in the center of the city, very big (at least 5 floors).

news about it in catalan and spanish

4500 in miranda de ebro
by ramon Sunday February 16, 2003 at 05:46 PM

in miranda de ebro - burgos- españa

no war on irak

half milion in Valencia
by salam Sunday February 16, 2003 at 06:27 PM

Mass media estimate 500.000 demonstrating against the war in Valencia, Spanish state (considering Valencia has about 1.000.000 inhabitants, you can realise the importance of the demo)

Murcia, in the south of Valencia, has got a 50.000 people demonstration.

Bilbo, in the basque country, around 250.000...

Mass media estate that almost 4.000.000 people has demostrated in Spain.

Organizers in Barcelona say the demonstration has gathered around 2.000.000 people.

In despite of the last week support of some mass media and political parties, this levels of movilization are just overwhemling and overcome the attempts of cooptation.

by tinasyndrome Sunday February 16, 2003 at 06:57 PM

estimates for ´andalucia´ should read ´almeria´ where 20,000+ turned out to demonstrate

by canalla Monday February 17, 2003 at 02:04 PM

Hi! Can the makers of this web site correct the information about the demos in the Spanish state?

Definitive numbers of movilization in Spain: Media estimate almost 5 milion people demonstrating in Spanish state, organizers almost 7 million, goverment almost 3 milions. That's simply unbelivable and it represents the biggest decentralized demonstration all over the world within the borders of a national state. Of course, Aznar is still saying that he doesn't care. Exact info about numbers, in the following link:

By the way, the squated center against the war has been evicted by the same people that was coming last minute to the demonstration to show how anti-war they are, the socialist labour spanish party.

F15: Antiwar-protests in Austria
by indys from vienna Monday February 17, 2003 at 05:23 PM

Around February 15th 2003, protests against war took place at several places in austria

Klagenfurt/Celovec, 14.02.2003, more than 1000 participants
report (in german):

Salzburg, 14.02.2003, 3.000 to 4.000 participants
report (in german):

Bregenz, 15.02.2003, 1.000 to 1.500 participants
report (in german) & pics:
more pics:

Vienna, 15.02.2003, 20.000 to 30.000 participants
report (in german):

Innsbruck, 15.02.2003
no reports till now

former related protests:

Linz, 31.01.2003, 1.500 participants
report (in german):

Graz, 08.02.2003, 5.000 participants

Pecs (Hungary) 350 marched with torches
by Fidusz Monday February 17, 2003 at 10:08 PM

On the evening 350 people marched on the streets of Pécs bearing torches. This was the only know anti-war demonstreation held on the countryside of Hungary on Saturday.

updates from austria
by indys from vienna Tuesday February 18, 2003 at 01:11 AM

Demonstration in Villach/Beljak on F15, 300 participatns
information + pictures:

Video from F15 Anti-War Protests in Vienna:

ça bouge aussi à toulon (france)
by julien Tuesday February 18, 2003 at 01:03 PM

Toulon est un port de guerre dans le sud de la France, et pourtant il y avait 4.000 personnes qui ont manifesté ce samedi contre la guerre en Irak.
Après être tombé dans l'extrème-droite, Toulon se réveille petit à petit et prend peut-être conscience qu'il vaut mieux s'ouvrir au monde que le rejeter.
Maintenons la pression et répétons ce si joli : "OUI A LA PAIX".

Ciao viva

Andorra la Vella - ANDORRA (Europe) > 1.500
by Miquel Pascual i Ribes Wednesday February 19, 2003 at 06:25 PM

In Andorra la Vella was also a claim against war. We did the greatest march of Andorra's History, with 1.500 people. March was from Casa de la Vall (Parlamient House) to Plaça del Poble.

More! Again! 8th March World Peace Now!
by KUMI UGATA Monday March 03, 2003 at 04:49 PM

1.$B!!(BI firmly oppose and resolutely condemn the U.S. policy of aggression and war against Iraq;
2. I firmly oppose and resolutely condemn the high-tech slaughter of defenseless Iraqi people, to be unleashed in full view of the world.
3. I firmly oppose the adoption of any resolution by the UN Security Council, which may give rise to the appearance of U.N. endorsement of this war of aggression.
4. I fervently hope the majority of U.N. Security Council members, and in particular, the three permanent members, China, Russia and France, will adhere to their principled position, stand firm against U.S. pressure and carry out their responsibilities entrusted by the U.N. Charter to defend peace.
5. That the Bush Administration immediately abandon plans for the aerial bombardment and use of WMDs against Iraq, and end its preparations for war.

No war on Iraq
by maite alarcon Friday March 14, 2003 at 02:44 PM

I'm from Barcelona, Spain. Reading the manifestant numbers in different cities of the world, I realize that the most important were in Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, a little country with less population than another big countries. So I wonder how it's possible that "our government" still supports Bush?
I think that, now, in Spain, with Aznar, we have come back to the dictatorship(as with Franco).

by antiwar Thursday May 08, 2003 at 01:34 PM

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